About Us

Prestige Home and Community Care has been established in response to local community demand for quality disability support services. Prestige Home and Community Care is committed to delivering a highly personal, responsive and client-focused service to people needing to access disability support services (including under the NDIS). Our client-centred approach is focused towards helping you achieve your personal, economic and social goals. We provide a comprehensive range of support services ensuring they meet your needs and expectations, employ highly professional staff and work closely alongside our client to support a normal, independent and goal driven lifestyle. At Prestige Home we aim to promote quality of life as well as positive health and social outcomes to ensure our clients progresses and ultimately achieves wellbeing. We are an organisation that thrives with passion and the desire to help and support others in need.

  • CollaborationWe work together on our shared goals
  • StriveWe reach above and beyond for success
  • InnovationWe bring new ideas and welcome new things
  • RecognitionWe acknowledge and appreciate the value of each individual
  • AccountabilityWe take responsibility for our actions
  • RespectWe value people for their unique perspective and contribution


Prestige Home and Community Care’s Vision is Extraordinary admission to combined support services, so you can live life on your terms.


Prestige Home and Community Care’s Mission is to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold human rights and create opportunities, empowering you to live the life you choose. We are committed to a shared, person-centred mission


All of Prestige Home and Community Care’s operations and activities are built upon the Values of our customers, their families, and their support network.